Reservation Rules

  1. Rule #1 Proper tennis attire and shoes are required at all times. No tee shirts or sleeveless shirts allowed.
  2. Rule #2 Tennis courts are to be used for playing tennis only. No other activity is permitted on the tennis courts.
  3. Rule #3 Court reservations: PTC members may make court reservations no more than 7 days in advance. Non-PTC members (homeowners) may make reservations no more than 48 hours in advance. Court time can be reserved for no more than an hour and a half. If players fail to appear within ten minutes of the reserved court time, the court reservation will be forfeited.
  4. Rule #4 No glass containers on courts or within Tennis Facility.
  5. Rule #5 No Smoking permitted on courts or within Tennis Facility.
  6. Rule #6 Propert tennis etiquette should be observed at all times. Excessive noise, racquet throwing or profanity will not be permitted at any time. Trash and other litter must be deposited in the proper receptacles.
  7. Rule #7 Use of the tennis courts shall be subject to the control of the RCC/Tennis Center at all times. The RCC shall determine the suitability of the courts for play. Courts will be closed when necessary for maintenance operations, when dictated by safety considerations, and/or when under adverse or anticipated adverse weather conditions. The RCC may reserve the courts for special events.